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varieties of food

Food explains lots of things that we fail to explain as a person that’s why food is a connection line of people. And restaurants are the place where you get to know more about the place just by tasting the food. I am not saying you need to travel places to have their food. You can have it at the restaurant, it’s true that you won’t get some ethnic flavor as the original place but it won’t disappoint you.

Here at Sunshine Hotel, we have a restaurant on the first floor. As you enter the hotel first thing you will see is our restaurant and bar. We believe a hotel needs to have a restaurant and bar in it because it won’t be possible to travel around and have a meal after a long journey. And when you can have a delicious meal at the hotel itself then why go around for food. Sometimes weather won’t be in our favor and you are hungry what to do if the hotel doesn’t have a restaurant, it won’t give a good impression on the guest. And many other reasons to open a restaurant at a hotel.

Sunshine Hotel Bar and Restaurant is not just famous for the comfortable rooms but also famous for the delicious food. At Sunshine Hotel Restaurant, you will get a variety of dishes from Nepali common cuisines to North Indian cuisines to Mughal cuisines. Our most popular meal courses are:

Nepali multi cuisines

Not just the people are different in Nepal, but the food we eat also varies according to our culture and the place we live. So there are many famous Nepali dishes but we are unable to provide you with all kinds of meals here. Don’t be sad because we do have the most common and popular meal here at Sunshine Hotel. The first one is Thakali Khana Set, another is Nepal Khaja or you can also call it Nepali Khaja Set. Let’s talk briefly about these meals.

Thakali Khana Set

As Nepali people, we have a heavy breakfast in the morning so our morning breakfast will be a full course meal. Thakali set is very popular among all so we also have delicious Thakali meal at our restaurant. In the Thakali set, you will have a bowl of steamed rice, cooked lentil, veggies, two types of pickles, salad, curd, rolled papad, and meat (optional). If you want to have a plain meal then ask for a vegetarian meal that will contain all the above food except meat. Furthermore, you will get options in meat like chicken or mutton, or fish.

Nepal khaja

Have you ever tasted the mouth-watering Khaja set at Bandipur? If not then why don’t you visit Sunshine Hotel for a delicious Nepali Khaja set? You will get bitten rice (Cheura), veggies, meal (optional), salad, and soybeans.

Although the Momos are not of Nepali origin but everywhere you will get momos on the menu. And it tastes yummy and different from other countries’ momo. So you can also have our Nepali style momo here.

For more Nepali style foreign dishes you can choose from our lunch menu and after some time your food will be on the table for you.

Other popular dish prepared by our chef

Our chef’s other specialties are North Indian and Mughal food. Isn’t it amazing? For a change, you can have North Indian and Mughal delicious food in Nepal.

North Indian food

Rich fragrant gravies, spicy vegetable stir-fries, moist and tender slow-cooked meat, and decadent desserts all North Indian food are available. Biryani especially chicken biryani is in demand at our restaurant. Other than that we also have Kebab, Chicken or Paneer tikka, Paneer Kofta, Palak Paneer, Dum Aloo, Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, etc.

Mughal food

Another specialty of our chef is Mughal food. Our Mughal food menu includes Korma, Mughlai Pulao, Mutton Seekh Kebab, Roghni Naan, Mutton Kadai, Murg Malai Kebab, Chicken Korma, Murgh Musallam, etc. You can have one of the best and most delicious Mughal food here at Sunshine Hotel Bar and Restaurant in Bandipur.

For more details about the dishes at Sunshine Hotel Bar and Restaurant, you can check the menu and choose what you wanna try. Usual or want to try something new from our menu choice is yours. But one thing is sure as we provide a comfortable place to stay, we also put lots of effort into our dishes to make your tummy happy.


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