Bandipur – a beauty blessed with Culture and Nature


Bandipur is a historically significant route, and many merchants have traveled it in the past. However, it is now better known for its natural beauty, culture, architecture, and proximity to Kathmandu as a tourist attraction. Bandipur is the Newar town outside the valley, so it is obvious that you will witness the Newar culture, food, and architecture.

The exciting journey begins from a small town located at Tanahun District before you reach Bandipur.

The journey starts from Kathmandu on the majestic Prithvi Highway towards Bandipur. After some hours of drive, you will reach Bimal Nagar, Tanahun District. From Bimal Nagar, you will drive around half an hour to reach the country’s largest cave, the Siddha Cave, which is also the largest cave in Southeast Asia. It is ten meters broad and 750 meters long and was discovered in 1980. Although the cave’s entrance is modest, it leads to a domed room with stalactites, stalagmites, and bats. Further inside, stunning undulating limestone formations can be discovered. After witnessing the incredible cave, hike up to Bandipur, which will take around an hour and a half.

Let’s talk a brief about this pictorial place blessed with culture and nature.

The pathway from the Siddha Cave to Bandipur is an ancient path that has seen numerous traders pass through. At first, you will reach the Tudhikhel of Bandipur, a big, flat field that serves as the local football stadium nowadays. As you enter the territory of Bandipur, you will witness the Newar culture, architecture, and delicious Newari cushions. Not just these there are plenty of places you can see/visit during the Bandipur tour.

Popular as well as religious places to visit at Bandipur

  • Thani Mai Temple:

Thani Mai temple is located on the hilltop and that is less than an hour hike from Bandipur Bazaar. Despite being a religious spot, the temple is the best spot to view the eye-catching sunrise and sunset view with the spectacular mountain view and the village downhill.

  • Bandipur Monastery:

A tiny Buddhist Monastery at Boudha Sadan Shakyamuni Monastery, where you will be welcomed by the monks. And you can meditate with the Monks and get knowledge and get to know more about the Monastery from the Monks. If you reach there at the time of prayer, then you can join with Monks.

  • Khadga Devi Temple:

The Khadga Devi Temple regards as Newar Community’s mother temple, which enshrines the sword of Mukunda Sen, the 16th-century monarch of Palpa, can be found by walking up the large flight of stone steps. The sword was apparently a gift from Shiva. Because he destroys all evil in the earth, Shiva is regarded as the destruction deity. They bring out the sword once a year to offer a sacrifice to placate the gods.

  • Bindabasini Temple:

This pagoda-style temple with an image of the Bindabasini deity is located on the north side of the Bandipur Bazaar. Not just the Bindabasini deity, you will also see other goddesses’ idols with the magnificently crafted temple. The goddess Bindabasini’s image is kept on a chariot during the new year. If you really want to see the actual beauty of this temple and want to know more about this temple then visit during the Nepali New Year (mid-April).

Are there Temples only? Only the religious places to visit at Bandipur?

Definitely not. Since Bandipur is a village filled with Newar Culture, you will find lots of temples there. But apart from the temples, you will be amazed by the beauty of the surrounding mountains. If you are not a religious person then you can observe the temple crafted by the ancient craftsmen. I am sure you will be amazed by the craft and if you observe the crafts you will see the hidden story. Every craft has its own story just you have to observe and understand the craft.

Fascinating History of Bandipur

Following King Prithvi Narayan Shah’s takeover of Kathmandu Valley in the late 18th century, many Newar merchants departed the valley in search of greater possibilities elsewhere. And they choose Bandipur to expand their business because, during the Rana Period, the Bandipur Bazar was an important center of commerce. Not least because it was free of malaria, which plagued much of the Terai, Bandipur was chosen as a viable commercial center for commerce between the northern hills and the southern Terai.

Houses with pagoda roofs, wooden lattice windows, and carved wooden doors were soon created by the Newars, who were excellent craftsmen. These magnificent homes still stand tall today.

In just a day, it is not possible to explore around the Bandipur so you need to stay somewhere. So why not at Sunshine Hotel- Bar and Restaurant located near Siddha Cave. With us, you will get a comfortable place to stay, and if you want we will provide you with a local tour guide. Who will introduce you to the Bandipur and its culture.


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