Rooftop group room with self kitchen

roof top room

Traveling with a bunch of friends is always an amazing experience but with pleasure, there are some difficulties also. The main difficulty is room sharing. When we go on a trip with a group of friends then we always want to stay together so that we make our trip memorable but the problem is hotel rooms. There is room for a single traveler or a couple or group room but it will only hold 3-4 people. And this time we need to share a room and need to divide into two-three groups. This is not fun, isn’t it?

Staying all in a room and talking, playing the whole night is the best feeling but because of the hotel room, we can’t get a chance to feel it. So while going on a trip with a group of friends always check the hotel with a group room so that the group won’t divide and fun will be an extreme point. If you are traveling to Bandipur then Sunshine Hotel Bar and Restaurant will be one of the best decisions for you.

Sunshine Hotel Bar and Restaurant has twin rooms, couple rooms, family rooms, like others, and in addition it also has a group room on the top of the hotel which can hold 12-15 people.

Rooftop group room of Sunshine Hotel Bar and Restaurant

Sunshine hotel rooftop group room can hold a bunch of friends traveling together. The rooftop group room has 6 hostel bed which can hold 12-15 guest at once so the group who is traveling with friends and intend to stay together in a single room then this room is perfect for you.

Other than the bed you will get a common bathroom attached with the room, table, TV, AC and in addition a kitchen. While traveling obviously with friends, we love to cook our meal together so you can cook by yourself if you want. Necessary utentials will be provided if you want to prepare your meal.

If the weather is clear then you will get the mesmerizing view from the roof that will take you to the picky mountains and lost with the beauty of surrounding mountains.

A trip with friends where you can all stay in a single room, can cook by yourself, comfortable bed, and you wake you with beautiful surrounding view will be the best trip ever. Planning to visit Bandipur with friends then visit Sunshine Hotel Bar and Restaurant. You will get the best service with comfortable stay, delicious food and mesmering surrounding views.


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