Mesmerizing morning view from your hotel room

sunshine from the hotel room

After a tiring day we want a comfortable sleep, delicious food, and when we wake up in the morning we get the pictorial view from our hotel room. 

If your day begins with a breathtaking view, the rest of the day will undoubtedly be fantastic. To do so, you must select the greatest hotel in which to stay.

Sunshine Hotel in Bandipur is here to make your day pleasant, fill your tummy with delicious food, and provide you with a comfortable stay. Bandipur, a few hundred kilometers from Kathmandu, is one of the top holiday destinations in Nepal. This location is well-known among both local and foreign visitors because it can be reached in just 6 hours from Kathmandu and one will be mesmerized by the scenario and the lifestyle of the people. 

In Bandipur, there are a number of hotels, one of which being Sunshine Hotel- Bar and Restaurant. The hotel is located in Silthok, Bandipur, near the Bauddha Monastery.

You will be delighted and rewarded with a fascinating view if you visit Sunshine Hotel during the spring season. Delicious food, a comfy accommodation with a beautiful morning view, helpful personnel, and a hygienic environment are all available at Sunshine Hotel.

surrounding view from the hotel

Let’s talk about rooms, because you’ll find the most comfortable ones at Sunshine Hotel. Solo rooms, couple rooms, family suites, and rooftop accommodations are available for single travelers, couples, and groups. All rooms have comfortable mattresses, water, TV, air conditioning (on demand), and Wi-Fi. And, if the weather is clear in the morning, the morning surrounding vistas will wow you from every room. For a sunrise vista, head to the hill, which is known for its sunrise and sunset views and can only be reached by hiking early in the morning. If you aren’t an early riser, don’t worry; the best view can be had from the hotel.

Some travelers prefer to eat what others have prepared, thus we offer a restaurant on the first level for them. The first thing you see as you go into the hotel is a hall, which is our restaurant hall. There is a wall where a large number of individuals have signed. We call it the “Wall of Feedback,” and you can sign it, write a quick note about your experience with us, or attach a memorable photo to it. It will be entertaining to write on the wall, and you will be able to provide us with comments without the need of the internet or a smartphone.

feedback wall

Coming back to the restaurant, each table will be given a menu, from which you can choose a delicious meal based on the dishes you select. We offer our Bar section in the evenings for you to enjoy a drink with your friends and family while enjoying the evening. Furthermore, if the cuisine you desire is not on the menu, you may request it from our chef, who will, without a doubt, prepare it for you. However, you must ask him a day ahead of time.

On occasion, it is a good idea to cook for oneself while on vacation. If you’re traveling in a group and wish to prepare your own meals, we also offer self-kitchen service. Our rooftop room comes with a self-catering kitchen where you can make your own meals. No, if you don’t want to cook and simply want to do some grilling, that’s fine with us as well. We’ll take care of all the details for the BBQ, so you can relax and enjoy it.

We may arrange for a local guide for you if you are new to Bandipur or want to learn more about the area. You’ll discover a lot more about the area, its culture, house structures, and, if you’re lucky, a little history of the place as well as beliefs about the temples, from them.

Sunshine Hotel – Bar and Restaurant is the place to go if you want to be comfortable, eat delicious food, and have a great view from your hotel room.


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